Friday, August 21, 2009

Who's hungry?

Do you feel you are hungry more often than you would like to be? Many of us eat out of habit, rather than because we are hungry. Why is that?

We are taught from birth when it is time to eat. From our first breath, someone begins to control when we will eat, if we will eat, what we will eat. How can we have a healthy lifestyle if we have always had to eat by rules we did not make? How can we have a healthy lifestyle is we are always hungry?

Being hungry does not mean we have to eat. Usually if we wait a few minutes that little gnawing feeling in our stomach will subside. This is especially true if you are responding to the habit of lunch being at noon, and supper being at six, just because someone else said so.

Some doctors will tell you that no more than five hours should pass between meals. Or, at least you should have a little something. What is this little something they speak of? For some it is an apple, or half of a banana. Others will be happy with a few crackers and some nuts. No one can say what will satisfy you-this is something you have to determine.

One thing I am fairly certain of is this: Eating or drinking a bit of something that is nourishing before a meal will help you avoid eating too much. Eating too much is not really a weight issue so much as it is a health issue. How so? What are you doing to your internal organs if you eat too much at each meal? How does you pancreas, liver, stomach, handle what you are giving it?

Try eating small amounts several times a day if you feel you are hungry more than you want to be. At meals be sure to include at least two high fiber filling foods. Salads, vegetables, and fruits before the meal can help here. Actually, salads, vegetables and fruits can be the meal for most of us.

Now, go get a snack!

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