Thursday, August 20, 2009

Best foods to help us avoid strokes and heart attacks?

Strokes can happen at any time after birth. Actually, strokes can occur before birth. Those of us who have not had to deal with heart disease or other serious health problems are blessed. Why would someone say that?

With the foods we typically eat on a routine basis, it's a wonder we survive. Humans were not meant to eat the plastic we have come to call food. If you are one of the many who relies on less than fresh foods to survive, here is a very small thing you can do that may help you.

Tomatoes in the form of a juice, or as a base for any meal is thought to be a life saver. Once processed with heat, tomatoes release lycopene. If you do not use tomato sauce on a regular basis, you might think about just adding a bit of tomato based juice to your menu.

What if you had one serving of tomato juice in some form each day before you did anything else? This would keep you from forgetting, and in just a short time it will become a habit.

But-the information could be wrong. And here you will be adding vitamin C and other wonder-
ful nutrients that come from the tomato. That would be a shame. Your new habit could actually help you avoid the common cold, and a host of other things you would rather skip. This might work out well for you!

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