Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Is a vegan lifestyle for you?

If you have seriously considered living as a vegan, there may be some things you need to know. Many have become vegan for reasons you might not expect. You don't need a particular reason to eat this way-if it is your preference, just do it.

The first thing you might do if you would like to eat as a vegan is go through your home and remove foods that you will not be using. Some feel they should finish what is on hand, as they are slowly adding more vegetables and fruits. In today's economy, your budget may demand this.

Next, you will want to be sure you have plenty of the right food choices in your home before you begin. Vegetables, fruits, whole grain pasta, nuts, seeds, and just about anything you like that is not an animal product can be used. Whether you are going it alone, or with other family members, you do not want to be without the choices you need. If the entire family is doing this, your life will be less complicated.

After purchasing the foods you have decided will help you remain on track, consider how you will prepare them. If you do not know anything about vegan recipes, you will find plenty of information on the internet. For most, it's fairly easy. Fresh vegetables and fruits need no preparation other than cleaning, and slicing. If this is the way you prefer your foods, meals will be easy. You can try casserole recipes you normally make, replacing animal products with beans or vegetables that you like. You might surprise yourself with some great new meal ideas.

Nuts, seeds, and fruits make easy vegan snacks or meals. Be sure to include enough nuts, beans, and other proteins in your diet. Look for recipes to make cereals, and breads. You may be surprised to see not only how easy it is to make these items, but how inexpensive homemade is compared to sugary boxed products.

Use items purchased in a grocery store to prepare vegan meals. All packaged foods can be replaced with natural products. Larger grocery stores , such as Ingles, and Publix, carry most of the items you once only found in local health food stores. Check your area for food cooperatives that order organic foods in bulk so that all can benefit.

Be prepared to have people try to argue the point that you have to eat the way they do to live. Remember, it is about choice-and your choice is your business. Be certain you are eating enough, and eating a variety of foods. Great information is available at Look for other internet sites that point you in the right direction.

Eating as a vegan may cause you to loose unwanted pounds. You may also notice your skin and hair looks better. Could it be from all the nutrients in the fruits and vegetables you are consuming?

While you are adjusting to not having animal products on your plate, think about other areas of your life where animal products are used. What about your leather furniture, and clothing made from animals. This is another personal choice, but if you call yourself vegan, you not only want to rid your home of those items when you can, but personal products as well. You may be surprised to find lotions, shampoos, tooth paste, and body wash sometimes contain animal products. Read the labels. Manufacturers can include an ingredient we can't identify in a product, and we find we have purchased something we don't want to use.

If you find a vegan menu is just not for you, but you feel strongly about not eating animal flesh, maybe you should include milk and eggs in your plan. Lacto ovo vegetarians eat milk products, such as yogurt, and cheese. They also eat eggs, and use them in recipes. It's your life. You decide.

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