Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cholesterol can be lowered with foods!

Okay, so you have read that blood pressure can be lowered by adding some foods to your menu. So, what about lowering cholesterol?

Here's the thing: You should considered taking some medication while you are lowering your cholesterol unless your physician says it is okay to wait. And this is why: You are a ticking time bomb if you have extremely high cholesterol. Changing the numbers on your cholesterol test is not something that happens overnight. However, with some serious effort, you can will see results soon.

Adding just a few raw nuts, such as almonds or walnuts, to your menu daily will make a different. I am amazed when I am told by some they do not care for nuts.

Add oatmeal daily in the form of cereal, or baked into foods. Adding blueberries or raisins to your oatmeal can help a little more.

During this time begin to eliminate the foods that are filling your arteries. Red meat should be checked off the list, and replaced by chicken and fish. Your heart will thank you for this.

Once each day eat a small salad with olive oil. If you are into salad, you may consider having just salad two nights each week to help your cholesterol numbers further. If you are not happy with salad, think variety. Add tomatoes, cucumbers, raw squash, seeds, or any raw vegetable you like. It definitely does not have to be just lettuce.

Avocado is considered a healthy fat. If you like avocado sliced, or in the form of guacamole, you are helping yourself in your quest for better health.

Think about the overall diet you have been enjoying. Consider adding beans and vegetables to make recipes that are filled with fiber. Fiber of any sort will help you lower your cholesterol, but your have to be consistent. You can't have apple crisp once a week, and think you are doing something great. Your body needs a fighting chance, so feed your cells what it needs!

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