Saturday, August 29, 2009

Best food choices.

How can we get the best food for the money we must spend? This can be a tough choice in different areas of the country.

At certain times of the year we find some fruits are plentiful, and therefore more affordable. It just makes sense to buy things when they are in season. Also, it is thought by many that local produce is best for us. The shorter the shipping distance, the fresher the produce. There is also the belief that buying foods grown in the soil where you live is a better choice for your body. While volumes have been published about this, I know it is more about what was in the soil where our ancestors lived, and where you were born, where your parents were born...........ah, that is another blog by itself.

When the season for the best fruit is over in your area, look for some that has been shipped across the country. If you can't find these at an affordable price, resort to frozen items that are of U.S. origin. For us, frozen is a better choice than buying products that have been grown outside of the United States. This is a personal choice, but one based on fact. If you research what is used in other countries to preserve freshness, you may turn such foods away.

During the winter many use canned foods because others are too expensive. While purists will have a fit, to me it does not matter so much. Millions of people have thrived before us by doing this, so we should be fine.

One thing to consider if you have the stamina is canning some items while they are available. You don't have to grow your own crops to do this. In many areas there are orchards, or produce companies who are willing to give you a quantity price. Purchasing some bushels of fruits or vegetables several families enjoy, and sharing the items can be cost effective.

If canning items is not for you, freezing some may be simpler. Not sure how to get started? Ask one of the oldest people in your family. Or, search the Internet for some of the easiest ways to do this. It may actually be fun!

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