Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Eating for a better body means more than we think

A better body means different things to different people. Not every man should be 6' 3", and weigh 195 pounds. What is right for you may be totally different than the person next to you.

Women seem to have the idea they should look like the models seen in magazines! The funny thing is, most of the models don't look as good-or should I say-as emaciated-as they seem to in these photos. There is nothing beautiful about an underweight or unhealthy body.

Does health equal beauty? Everyone needs to eat foods that are wholesome in order to be healthy. What will you choose to eat to stay on the course to being a healthier you? The choices are many, and so are the answers. Does this mean we don't all need the same foods? Well, this depends on who you speak with. Most of us have read several books about the foods that will remove wrinkles, eliminate tummy fat, give a guy bigger biceps. Who is right?

It seems the answer may be that no one answer fits all. Some benefit greatly from eating more fruits than vegetables. Some feel they are better with more vegetables than fruits.

As you make small changes to you life choices when it comes to food, see how you feel. Do you notice that on the days you eat two large salads, and eliminate caffeine, you feel better than you usually do? Or, do you find that the more healthy carbs you eat, the better you feel?

Isn't it funny how the human body is the same for all of us, in that we usually have the same parts. I would not feel well eating fast foods, and just adding one healthy meal each day. However, some do this, and seem to be fine.

If we all have the same organs to feed, why do mine seem happy when fed only vegan foods? How is it that some can't tolerate dairy, fats, or nuts? While I have heard genetics pushed as the answer, I have to say-wait-It started somewhere.

Research that claims we should eat according to what our ancestors did before hitting the terra ferma we call the USA intrigues me. Are we made of the same cells as our grandparents? If this is a fact, do you know what your grandparents ate?

Consider where the previous generations came from, and what you remember seeing as a child. A lot of fish? A lot of vegetables? Meals would have been made at home, and would have consisted of what could be found locally-unless your family was growing their own food.

I remember everything being made at home. Bread, jam, pasta-all made at home. No artificial anything. If they were available my relatives were not a part of promoting their popularity!

Can you copy some of these recipes or ideas in you home today? Why not try? A post including one of my favorite bread recipes will be included in a later post. If you try it once, you will be sold on baking your own bread.

Eating for a better body means putting things into you that keep your body running the way it should. You will know when you get it right!

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