Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Which water is better?

You've heard all the water commercials you can stand. It does not matter what the commercials tell us, we all have our favorites, and nothing will convince us we are wrong.

If you are buying water in plastic bottles, what does it say on the label? I have to laugh when people are buying purified water from a community source. Does that mean tap water a company filtered before putting in a plastic bottle is the same as you have coming through your faucet? Okay, get a water filter for your kitchen faucet and do it yourself!

Water that is from a spring, or a mountain stream may seem more appealing. Is it better for you? If you have a well at your home, your water already comes from a spring. What about the mountain stream? If the water heads down the mountain, won't it eventually be in the aquifer, and therefore in other streams, wells and springs?

If water truly seeks its own level, does it eventually mingle so that it is all the same? Do you understand water filtered at your home, which saves you major money-could be the same quality as what you are shelling out your hard earned dollars to purchase.

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