Saturday, September 5, 2009

Healthy Ways to Get Fit

I had the opportunity to listen to a lively conversation between two women who were striving to lose weight. One woman had a baby recently, and decided she would like to improve her appearance. Another woman had struggled to lose an extreme amount of weight, and she proudly shared some of her experiences.

The woman who had lost weight mentioned a pill she uses, which I won't mention. I do know that this pill can be purchased over the counter, and has some unpleasant side effects. For instance, if you eat anything with fat in it, you may experience anal leakage. What! Who would sign on for this?

After the dieting woman left, I suggested the woman who had not started her life change yet choose another path. Here it is: Eat one serving of fruit before each meal. If you do not like fruit, then eat a serving of vegetables before each meal.

Sound too simple? It works for millions of us. Eat the food GOD gave us and put down the toaster pastry!

The woman who is choosing to use food to get healthy will be starting a new blog! When she does, I will be sure to keep everyone in the loop by giving her link here.

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