Monday, September 14, 2009

Children and fruit!

Many children simply don't eat correctly, and are not interested in fruit. As adults it is our responsibility to see kids get the fruit they need. While schools and day care centers can include a toaster tart as a fruit, I have a problem with this.

A tablespoon or two of some fruit product surrounded by worthless bleached flour and tons of sugar are not what any precious child should be given instead of real fruit. If you forgot to get it right during you child's younger years, then begin now-even if the kid is 15!

Add fruit to items you prepare. You can easily put pureed berries and bananas in pancake or waffle mix. Fruits can be added to drinks you serve on a regular basis. Consider adding some sliced fruit to the table with dinner. Eventually you could achieve the goal of just 2-3 servings daily. This still is not enough, but it is a start.

When baking cakes or making muffins replace a portion of the liquid required with some applesauce, or other fruits you have pureed. We do this with cookies as well, and no one has noticed.

Try some dried fruit pieces if your kids don't seem to like fresh fruit. Offer kids the opportunity of helping you make cookies or other foods that will include some fruit. Handling the foods may eventually give the kids a sense of ownership, and a desire to try other pieces of fruit. Letting younger ones pick fruit items while in the grocery store is often a step in the right direction. Kids usually want to try what they have purchased.

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