Friday, September 25, 2009

Healthy Lifestyle Changes to Avoid Allergies

Can you avoid allergies by living a healthy lifestyle? There is much research to prove having a healthy immune system may help you avoid allergies. So what are you to do to help your immune system, and does this mean all allergies will disappear?

You may be able to avoid some allergies by improving your lifestyle. Smoking, drinking alcohol and other habits that stress your immune system may cause you to have more allergies than others do. Are you willing to make the changes needed to feel better. What about the allergies you can't avoid?

If you are currently allergic to grass, pollen, ants-you may need extra help. Don't throw away the epi-pen. If you have allergies you will be exposed to beautiful green things that make you sneeze, itch, or swell as long as you live on this planet.

Think about this for a few minutes: Are you willing to add a few healthy foods to your menu to possibly improve your immune system? Will you take a few minutes each day and exercise enough to give your immune system a lift? These things are simple but can help you have less reaction to some things that bother you now.

Improving your immune system will probably not help you outgrow your allergy to chocolate or wool. However, a stronger immune system could help you have less reaction to seasonal changes. This would be a big help to most of us.

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