Thursday, September 3, 2009

Healthy Food For a Healthy Life

What exactly is healthy food? Can food be healthy? A person can be healthy, and healthy people often use the expression healthy food, but it is incorrect. And what foods will help you maintain good health? Why do some eat terrible foods and appear to be healthy?

It seems some just have the genes that will allow them to abuse their body in any way they want, and they survive with clear skin and great biceps! For the rest of us, foods need to be consumed that are fresh, clean, and grown in good soil. How do we know if the food we purchase is any of these things? We don't.

Maybe we should grow our own food. It is getting a little late in the year, so it may be the time to think about winter crops. What grows well in your area in the cool weather? Something to think about. With the economy the way it is, maybe we should all do it to help our budgets!

It seems we can't possibly eat all the foods we need to get the nutrients required to be healthy. Many people like to juice, or use supplements. For me, both work. I don't take the supplements I like daily, but I do take these often.

Some feel we should puree extra vegetables and add these to soups or casseroles so that we would be getting more nutrients. Maybe I'm a bit lazy, but that is not something I am willing to do very often. I prefer to eat vegetables raw, or steamed a little.

Be sure to eat what fresh produce you can. There really is no replacement for food. And eating food is more enjoyable than swallowing pills.

If you have a recipe you would like us to feature on this blog, let us know in the comment section. Or, if you want to request a vegan recipe, let us know that, too.

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