Thursday, September 17, 2009

Eggs on the menu?

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If you purchase eggs on a regular basis you no doubt realize they can expire at some point. Eggs cartons must have a use by date stamped clearly on the carton.

What you may not know is there is also a code that states what date the eggs were packed. You should see this information along with a USDA seal, which tells you the plant where the eggs were gathered has been inspected.

The code you are looking for contains three numbers. If the eggs were collected on the 12th day of the year-January 12th-the code will read 012.  A carton of eggs the is stamped 365 was packed on the last day of the year-December 31st.

The code is based on the Julian calendar, so 30 days would equal a month.

Another tip about eggs and freshness I was told about 100 hundred-If you are not sure an egg is fresh-Fill a medium size bowl with water, and place the raw whole egg in the water. If it sinks to the bottom, the egg is fresh. If it floats-toss it! Don't ever think you can eat eggs that are not fresh and not get sick. It is too big a risk to take to save one egg.

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